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High concentration refractory wastewater treatment
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After ten years of hard work, sentai environmental protection has climbed to a new platform, "new third board", and suntai people have gathered at the new starting point of releasing their dreams.
Economic growth, social development and historical responsibility have created opportunities for people who love environmental protection.
Thai people in "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", the history of position at the forefront of learning the international and domestic advanced environmental protection technology, popularization and application of advanced process equipment, practice, summarize, refine, Thai green original new technology, will be sen tai people forge all the environmental protection industry.
Sen tai people adhering to the "ecological environment protection is GongZaiDangDai, cabinet business" principle, with our intelligent wisdom, hard-working attitude, practice, Thai is the national environmental protection "of the best high concentration, hard degradation wastewater treatment and industrial environmental management comprehensive service" promise. With the spirit and material wealth we have created, we will bring out the qualities of people who support suntech's environmental words and deeds, people who enjoy suntech's environmental services and people who love its environmental protection.
Sentai people know that quality is not only the reputation and brand image of sentai environmental protection, but also the precious wealth of sentai environmental protection. The design, installation, commissioning and operation of each step of the elaboration, each project we give to the users are presented with the suntai environmental art. Style, quality and art -- the essence of suntai environmental protection enterprise culture. "50% annual growth rate, 5 years mainboard listing" the suntai dream; "Green water green mountain is golden mountain silver mountain", the dream of environmental protection workers, the Chinese dream, can be realized!




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