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High concentration refractory wastewater treatment
Comprehensive industrial environmental management service provider
Jiangxi Sentai Water Company Limited

Founded in July 2009, jiangxi xingansentai water co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of wuhansentai environmental protection co., LTD.
In 2009, new dry, Thai water co., LTD and jiangxi people's government of xingan use "BOT" mode of cooperation, by my company invest in the construction operation management of xingan Oceania and saline city in jiangxi province comprehensive sewage treatment plant project, mainly accept production in the city of saline wastewater treatment, Oceania town sewage. Design size for processing 40000 tons of waste water, construction of two phases, one of the construction scale of wastewater treatment for 5000 m3 / d, use "hydrolytic acidification + A/O process, the design after processing wastewater to reach the town sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" (GB18918-2002) level 1 B standard emission standards. The first phase of the project started in September 2009. After nearly two years of trial operation, it was put into operation in July 2011. After the operation of the project, the production, domestic waste water and domestic waste water of yanhua city industrial park of Oceania will be collected and treated uniformly. The completion of the project has greatly reduced the pollution burden of enterprises in yanhua city and created a good investment environment for the region.
Jiangxi xingansentai water co. LTD
Add: no. 16, binyang road, xingan county, jiangxi province
No. 16, Binyang Road, Xingan County overall Prov.
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