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High concentration refractory wastewater treatment
Comprehensive industrial environmental management service provider
Talent concept

A good team is our most important asset, and putting people first is the key to our success. For a long time, we sincerely hope that more of the staff to join the company, we will provide every employee with opportunities to learn and develop their career in order to realize their ambition, to help them succeed, and have fun at work.
Professional partner: with professional ability and professional quality, professional spirit goes hand in hand with suntai environment.
Business partner: introduce diversified resources for suntech, form value transformation, and develop symbiotically with suntech environment.
Business partner: with self-surpassing pursuit in mind, willing to contribute unselfishly for the common cause, walking with suntai environmental dream.
Strategic partner: with great strategic wisdom, suntech environment has become a bigger business platform.
As long as you are good enough, you will have the opportunity to join the suntai ecosystem in a variety of ways to realize value and share results with the suntai environment.


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